Livelihoods, Ecology and Climate Change, 1st September 2018



Yes. “A 20 cm rise in sea-level (global warming) could make Kolkata vulnerable.

Today at least we have a shock absorber in East Kolkata Wetlands (EKW).

Tomorrow, with EKW gone, Kolkata may disappear.



Low lying Chennai was protected from rising waters by wetlands.

Then Chennai built real estate over its wetlands. Less than 30 of 650 water bodies remain.

Result: Chennai’s 2015 floods was one of the worst in memory. Displacing hundreds. Causing 2 $+ damages.

So when someone argues ‘It is only a flyover’, don’t be fooled.

This could be the beginning of the end.

(In public interest by Trisys)

A global environmental threat made in China

From large-scale dam-building to unbridled resource-exploitation, human activity is causing serious damage to Himalayan ecosystems. While all the countries in the region are culpable to some extent, none is doing as much harm as China.

Desertification and desert control along the Brahmaputra in Tibet

Flash floods and glacier melting and glacial lakes can cause Glacial Lake Outburst Floods (GLOFs) that carry moraines to the lower part of the river and the river bed becomes shallow. Stone, mud and sand cover a vast area along the river. The areas covered by moraine and sand along the Brahmaputra River from Tibet to Assam are expanding every year.

Assam DGP asks Karbi Anglong district SP to act against illegal stone quarrying and mining.

Finally, can ardent activists look forward to some positive action?…

Tackling Food Waste in a Hungry Nation

India is one of the largest food producers in the world. But thanks to food waste, crores go hungry.

Destabilising nature of interstate water wars

The often bitter battles between States in sharing of river waters pose a serious threat to India’s federal polity.

The World

On climate change and carbon dioxide removal

The one proven low-cost carbon dioxide removal technology is the tree. Reforestation is the most effective approach.

Climate change: local efforts won’t be enough to undo Trump’s inaction, study says 

Onus still falls on national governments to cut emissions to stave off worst impacts of climate change, Yale researchers say.

John McCain’s climate change legacy

“I do believe that Americans, and we who are policymakers in all branches of government, should be concerned about mounting evidence that indicates that something is happening.” — John McCain discussing climate change.

Survey reveals 70% of Americans favour the environment over economic growth

The climate opinion map, published earlier this month, depicts estimates of the percentage of Americans, aged 25 and over, who have particular beliefs, attitudes and policy preferences on global warming. The information comes from a large national survey dataset of 22,000 people which was collected between 2008 and 2018.

‘Apocalyptic threat’: dire climate report raises fears for California’s future

State wide assessment, which comes amid summer of extreme wildfires, warns of deadly cost if climate change is not stopped.

South Asia’s Hotspots 

A new World Bank report, South Asia’s Hotspots, finds that average temperatures in the region have increased in the last sixty years and will continue rising. Eight hundred million South Asians are at risk to see their standards of living and incomes decline as rising temperatures and more erratic rainfalls will cut down crop yields, make water more scare, and push more people away from their homes to seek safer places.


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